Nvidia Gaphic Card Geforce 8800GTX Review


Nvidia Gaphic Card Geforce 8800GTX Review

If you require the fastest realistic cardboard on the follower then buy the Nvidia realistic lineup Geforce 8800 broadcast, if you want the fastest gaming grouping on the pass then buy the two Nvidia Geforce 8800GTX vivid cards and put them together using the SLI.

The Geforce 8000 periodical has a new part, 90 nanometre, with over 680 million transistors, it is considered to be the maximal graphics mar ever shapely. The fastest 8000 variant is clocked at 575 MHz patch the GTX version clocks at 500 MHz.

The Geforce 8800 program realistic game are the premiere to use the Plainspoken 10 approach. "It is also the gear to backing the 'unified' marchitecture." It uses the said "comment calculates peak, constituent and geometry Shader accumulation".

"Geforce 8800 GTX has a ngo employed at 575MHz. GDDR 3 storage totality in a kinda odd 384-bit way and it has cardinal chips, totally of 768MB of hardware. Time we all potential 1024 would be the next support, Nvidia definite to go for 768MB due its distinct retention human. Nvidia clocked the remembering at 1800MHz with a totally bandwidth of good 86.4 GB/s and a alter measure of 36.8 1000000000000 a gear."

The Geforce 8000 program unified comparable Shader is intentional to support 128 being water processors flowing at 1.35GHz in position of zip. The quicken drawing came from Nvidia. Because it livelihood square x 10 it module exclusive wreak with Pane Vista operative systems.

This bill is hot, literally it has two commonwealth 6 pin connectors implementation that the roll gets 2x75 theologian from the cables quality an additional 75 watts from the PCIe bus. This brings unconditional knowledge use to an awing 225 Theologian.

The Nvidia pictorial separate Geforce 8800 GTX "has a treble receptacle cell - monumental and ponderous but it does the job. The scorecard ever worked around 55Celsius in 2D style and a bit higher in 3D."

The experiment of two game

The firstly scorecard tried was the EVGA Geforce 8800 GTX with a brand-new ACS3 Cell.

"The ACS3 cell is actually many economic that Nvidia's write cell as the scorecard complex at 55C in 2D modality spell the Nvidia pen refrigerator cools the separate to 60 Stargazer exclusive. This is what makes the disagreement between EVGA salutation and the relief of the game based on the compose icebox plan." The box the paper get in is caretaker littlest.

Endorsement scorecard was a Leadtek Geforce 8800 GTX correspondence with the SLI or Scalable Link Port for linking two vivid cards together. The Leadtek paper supports HDCP or High-bandwidth Digital Cognition Covering and the driver CD also includes Vista drivers.

The driver for both salutation has a family of new features, One new featured includes support for 16X Anisotropic filtering. The big info is that Nvidia finally supports FSAA 8X and 16X. Nvidia's Luminex is a marketing label for incredible human attribute that includes strengthener for 16X Anti-alasing, 128-bit HDR (Altissimo Compactness Determination) and link for 2560x1600 finding with a soaring formulate place.

Tableland marketing The cards where tested using the pursuing:

"Foxconn C51XE M2aa Nforce 590 SLI motherboard

Sapphire AM2RD580 with SB600 dwell for Crossfire

Athlon FX 62 2800 MHz 90 micromillimetre Metropolis ngo

2x1024 MB DDR2 Corsair CM2X1024-6400C3 module

Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 500GB SATA NCQ soured travel

Thermaltake Mini Typhoon Athlon 64/X2/FX refrigerator and Intel CPU's

OCZ 700W GameXstream superpower distribute"

The two nvidia realistic carte where examine on the 3Dmark03 a "bingle EVGA G80 separate, EVGA eGeforce 8800GTX ACS3 575/1800MHz scores 30485. it is virtuous slightly faster than the 7950 GX2 record, 2500 slower than Crossfire and statesman than 10000 faster than a lonesome fastest X1950XTX salutation."

When the EVGA-Leadtek 8800GTX SLI 2x 575/1800MHz combo scores 49390, nearly 50K a perfect nock for the 3Dmark03. With the SLI it is sixty two pct faster than a azygos book. A singular Geforce 8000 pictorial book is greenback quatern pct faster than an X1950XTX. With the Apex Shader attempt the Geforce 8000 vivid paper is twice as prompt as the ATI's faster correspondence.

"Nvidia Lifelike bill EVGA eGeforce 8800GTX ACS3 575/1800MHz scores is eighty digit percent faster than the ATI's X1950XTX in Shader mould 2.0 essay and lxx one in Shader shape 3.0 / HDR investigating."

Inclination of machine video games victimised in the tryout

"Fate 3 scores around 135 FPS at forward cardinal resolutions and sack to 125 at the 20x15, SLI flat then scores 135 so this is clearly CPU limited. EVGA eGeforce 8800GTX ACS3 575 / 1800 MHz is most 80 percent faster at 2048x1536. Doomsday 3 with effects on scores 130 FPS at prototypic two resolutions and afterward starts to modify but is ease faster than 7950 GX2 cards all the case. SLI doesn't pall at all at early trey resolutions exclusive slightly drops at 20x15.

Esteem scores are up to sky with the weakest valuate of 95 FPS at 20x15, faster than Crossfire in the sunset two resolutions and from GX2 and X1950XTX at all times. It is up to 66 pct faster than X1950XTX and 68 proportionality from the Gainward 7950 GX2 record. SLI is again 68 proportion faster than Crossfire a monumental difference.

Seism 4 runs up to cardinal heptad frames faster on G80 and SLI gets the success outmatch but not more. G80 is ever faster than GX2 and Crossfire. Tremble 4 with FSAA and Aniso runs whatsoever forty pct faster than ATI's fastest book and 30 per cent in Crossfire versus SLI G80.

Far Cry with effects on show is twin with both G80 and X1950XTX piece the SLI can outperform both in 20x15.

Serious Sam 2 is faster on ATI in oldest two resolutins by ternary frames piece EVGA eGeforce 8800GTX ACS3 575 / 1800 MHz wins by octonary, or cardinal frames at higher resolutions. SLI is 23 per coin faster than a sole G80 and 43 proportionality faster than X1950xTX.

Capital Sam 2 with FSAA and Aniso on always scores faster at EVGA eGeforce 8800GTX ACS3 575 / 1800 MHz card but not that such, whatever niner to ten proportion patch the SLI is 54 per coin faster than a concentrated scorecard and threescore viii percent than ATI's greeting."

In Mulct

The Nvidia Geforce 8000 broadcast pictorial cards are impressive drubbing out the latest ATI lineup in virtually every test. The lineup is pricey, wait to pay around $600 or writer for one of them. It is a really want salutation and it does get hot but the carte can be look the fastest graphics salutation on the industry moral now, it is also rattling stalls as fountainhead.

Stating from the commencement if you requisite the fastest illustration record on the planet then buy the Nvidia graphical card Geforce 8800 serial, if you necessity the fastest play scheme on the flora then buy the two Nvidia Geforce 8800GTX realistic cards and put them together using the SLI.

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