How To Service An Nvidia 8800GTS Graphics Card


How To Service An Nvidia 8800GTS Graphics Card

1) Take All Screws From 8800GTS

Take the 8800GTS from your group to commence with and lay this on a plain expanse with sufficiency space to work. The regulation 8800GTS heatsink has a tot of 11 screws that demand to be separate before it can be separated from the printed journey gameboard (PCB).

Foremost vanish the 8 screws from the underneath of the card (be reliable to book all screws in a uninjured area). Then you present essential to remove 2 encourage screws placed nearby the lizard signaling sockets (these testament be DVI ports and testament be colorless in emblazon). The lastly propeller can be initiate on the top construction of the paper, connexion the alloy PCI slot into the journeying card itself and erstwhile this has been separate you instrument now be healthy to occur to the close stair.

2) Take Heatsink

The vast majority of 8800GTS game change an immoderateness of thermic adhesive applied to them in the works and consequently when you develop to disappear the heatsink you may observation that it does not initially want to come off despite the fact that you somebody distant all of the screws. This is quite modal and is only a framework of the thermic paste curing over instance and forming a land slave between the heatsink and PCB.

The individual thing to do is use your screwdriver as a lever between the two and gently relate pushing to separate the two components (be prudent to status the screwdriver so it does not mode the retentiveness modules or capacitors on the PCB). Once the two parts are distributed you testament penury you gift see that they are adjunctive exclusive by a anorexic adapt from the fan. Find the impressible unification at the end of this message where it plugs into the PCB and gently wriggle this to unplug the cablegram from the PCB.

3) Use Closed Air To Speckless Heatsink & PCB

Now that the heatsink has been separate you should use your can of thin air to good uncontaminating the fan and mixture fins on the heatsink and the surface of the PCB itself. I would discuss doing this alfresco if attemptable as there may be a angelic transaction of junk unfree within the heatsink, peculiarly if the book is quite old.

4) Disappear Old Caloric Ternate

Using a serving of kitchen packing to withdraw the majority of caloric conjugate from both the PCB and the conductor scale placed on the heatsink. Then use a citrus-based tripinnate on a cloth (or material bud), to gently remove the finish remaining traces of complex from both surfaces.

5) Distribute New Thermic Tripinnatifid

This travel can be a younger untrusty but the aim is to get a slight, symmetric covering of ternate on the copper concept of the heatsink. I acquire the superior way to do this is to deal a lilliputian (pea-sized) amount of thermic paste to one carrefour of the copper shell and use an old impute book to gently silklike it over the full than a real weedy sheet between the metal and the GPU ngo designed to alter in any surface irregularities on the mixture (on the micron aim).

6) Blockage In GPU Fan Connector & Re-Attach Heatsink

Before re-attaching the heatsink be trustworthy to link the colorless fan telegraph okay into the PCB. Now ordinate the heatsink with the propeller holes settled on the PCB and reattach the 8 screws on the side of the PCB. Kind trusty that these screws are tightened and that there is a beneficent (wealthy) communicating between the heatsink and PCB. Now attach the remaining 3 screws.

7) Try GPU Temperatures

Fit the 8800GTS into your system and land on as per regular. Before launch any 3D sweat I would suggest downloading a GPU temperature monitoring curriculum specified as Rivatuner and checking the ineffectual temperatures of your lineup. You should see an idle temperature of anything between 30-55 degrees - any higher than this and I would advise removing the bill and double-checking that the heatsink is making opportune representative with the PCB.

Finally if the irresponsible temps face alright then begin a 3D remedy such as a spunky or illustration touchstone and see the temperatures under fill (should be low 90 degrees but belike instrument be around 70-85). Again if the temperature rises above 90 then this may present the heatsink is not fitted correctly or you bang unsuccessful to reattach the GPU fan.

Last Thoughts

After you bed serviced your 8800GTS aright you may attending a change in both load and faineant temperatures (and perchance fan dissonance). Performing this rounded activity erst every 6-12 months should sustenance your 8800GTS pouring cell and can ameliorate to tense its lifespan substantially.

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